Understanding Diversity and Schooling (Macro Analyses)

 Choose 4 from the 5 below. Note: #2 deals with macro issues (structural), the others are all micro issues (classroom). All of these articles are powerful though and are highly respected articles.

  1. Suarez-Orozco, C. & Suarez-Orozco, M. (1995). Transformations: Immigration, family life, and achievement motivation among Latino adolescents. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Ch.4. [mixed methods] 
  2. Rosenbaum, R. (1995). Changing the geography of opportunity by expanding residential choice: Lessons from the Gatreaux Program. Housing Policy Debate, 6, 231-269 [quantative]
  3. Tatum, B. (2000). Embracing cross-racial dialogue. Rethinking schools. 15. (informal - secondary)
  4. Cowhey, M. (2009). Learning to roar. Teaching Tolerance. 36. (informal - secondary)
  5. Wing Sue, et al. (2007). Racial microaggressions in everyday life: Implications for clinical practice. American Psychologist. 62, 271-28

  • Grant, C.A. & Sleeter, C.E. (1986). Race, Class, and Gender in Education Research: An Argument for Integrative Analysis. Review of Educational Research, 56, p. 195-211 [review]

Recommended Video:

·         From the Achievement Gap to the Education Debt: Understanding Achievement in U.S. Schools. Gloria Ladson Billings: http://www.cmcgc.com/Media/WMP/260407/49_010_files/Default.htm#nopreload=-1

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